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What is included in our mulching services?

We love to create a unique look for your landscape that will be sure to turn heads! Whether you want mulch, pine straw, or river rock, our team can apply the material to your property to increase the overall style and health of your soil. When we are done, we will carefully comb your entire landscape to make sure the application is perfect!

Why choose Premier?

Quality and customer service remain our top priorities. With this in mind,

  • We focus heavily on effective communication with clients.
  • The whole experience will be stress-free!
  • Our quality checks are the MVP of our entire process! Our team members sign off on each project to make sure that no details are looked over.
  • There is no compromising on quality. Ever. We stay until the job is done to perfection.
  • We are a family operated and locally owned business. We are big fans of our hometown of High Springs, FL.  After living and working in this community for many years, we are a name you can trust!

Why is mulching important?

It protects and improves your soil.

Mulch is not just for upgrading the style of a landscape. (But it can do that too!) Applying mulch helps to retain the moisture in the soil, which is useful during the seasons when the weather in Florida is brutal. It also protects the soil from frost in the winter. Since we are located in the northern part of Florida, Gainesville and its surrounding areas can experience surprisingly chilly temperatures in the winter. Mulch helps to keep the soil warm and protect it from damage caused by frost. Also, when using organic mulch, it actually feeds the soil and increases the nutrients present in its composition.

It protects your plant life too!

By covering the surface of the soil, mulch helps to prevent weeds from growing around your plant life. Weeds can strangle your plants and mulch stops the seeds from unwanted plant life from taking root. The layer of mulch can also act as a barrier that keeps certain plants from touching the ground. This only further helps to prevent disease or damage.

What should you consider when planning your mulching?

It’s not as simple as you may think.

Upon beginning this task, you may think that all you need to do is “put on” the mulch. However, using the right amount is key. Too much mulch can actually lead to soil and plant damage on your property. Adding too much can suffocate your plants, blocking their access to oxygen and water. If mulch is not carefully applied near tree trunks, it can also lead to the bark of the tree rotting.

Time is your most valuable asset.

Spending time correctly applying mulch to your property is time consuming work. If done in correctly, damage can be caused to the soil and plant life of your landscape. Repairing the damage can cost you more time and money. For this reason, you may want to consider consulting a professional. You will gain more time to do what you love while ensuring the job is done the right way, the first time.

We offer high-quality mulching services for residential and commercial properties in the areas of Gainesville, Alachua, and High Springs, FL. Count on us for fast and reliable service!

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