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Without winter, do I need a Spring Cleanup?

When talking about seasonal cleanups, most Floridians may question, “what even IS spring, fall, and winter?” The land of endless summer doesn’t typically follow the formula of standard seasons – so why should spring cleaning even be a thing?

Although we may not go through a traditional winter, many of the stresses that lawns across the nation endure during it can still occur here. We may not have to worry about snow mold but sometimes face even more issues with soil compaction than other areas do.

Is my grass right for my lawn?

Florida is fortunate enough to be home to several different types of grasses that thrive in the sunshine. Whether your lawn hosts St. Augustine, Bahia, or Bermuda Grass, it’s likely a type that can survive a different climate here, including periods of drought.

Some of these grass types grow better in different soils that we have around the state. If you notice that your grass is struggling year after year, you may consider a different grass for your space. At a minimum, make reseeding a must to hide any brown spots that may have popped up.

Do I need to worry about soil impaction?

As we mentioned, compaction most certainly is still an issue in the land without snow. Indeed, while we may not have to worry about the weight of a blanket of white snow on our grasses because we can spend more time outdoors, the constant weight of humans and their pets is a consistent problem throughout the year.

The best thing to do for regular soil compaction is regular seasonal aeration. Filling your lawn with holes creates the perfect pathways to your roots, carrying along with the sun, air, and water right to the source.

Will spring showers bring enough water to my lawn?

The most straightforward answer is no. While the liquid gold Florida is famous for throughout late spring, summer, and early fall (sometimes in the form of our beloved hurricanes) falls with daily regularity. It is not the perfect answer for watering your lawns and gardens.

Ensuring your yard gets enough water at the correct times, and depending on what’s being watered, requires an excellent irrigation solution. Proper irrigation brings water to your yard efficiently and can be a game-changer for your grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees.

When can I spray weed killer?

Don’t! Seriously, wait a hot minute before running out and buying the first product you come across. While no one wants weeds in their yard, running around with a nozzle, spraying weed killer willy nilly all over your yard is not the solution to any weed issue.

Weed control is an issue that takes some finesse. If not handled with care, specific treatments will kill off the plants and grasses you DO want in your space. Trusting a team of pros is the best answer to dealing with any weed problems.

With Florida sun and liquid gold, does my lawn need more?

We have the water situation in hand with good irrigation – check. Plenty of sunshine and fresh air due to awesome aeration – check. What could you be missing…?

Oh yeah! Fertilizer will bring all the missing pieces of nutrition to your soil, seeds, and roots to have a flourishing lawn and flowerbeds. Speaking of seeds, overseeding your lawn may be the answer to a lot of those bald spots you may be seeing.

Are my flowerbeds all set then?

While we are sure your flowerbeds are probably looking mighty fine, they may not be quite as vibrant as they were before our harsh “winter.” Help them perk up and form new life by taking a couple of essential steps.

Don’t forget to check on your irrigation for your flowerbeds and around your trees, too, as their needs are different from your grass. Mulching is another wonderful way to help your blooms bloom – and it can upgrade the entire look of your landscape as well!

Does my lawn need good bug spray?

Bugs bug – it’s what they do, especially here in Florida. Our bugs like to hang out longer and more widespread because the sun shines much more often than in other parts of our country. This means you must be a little more diligent in ensuring your yard space is appropriately treated for pests.

It can be super hard, however, to find the appropriate treatments that are safe for our families and furry friends, for our glorious plants and flowers, and won’t damage our carefully cultivated grass. Because pest control deals with chemicals in many situations, getting help from pros is often the safe way to go.

Are there other exterior parts that need cleaning?

While you are getting your yard spring-ready, it’s an excellent time to think about getting a good pressure wash for your driveway, pathways, and house exterior. Perhaps it’s time to consider creating that perfect outdoor kitchen and living room you’ve wanted to do.

Because we all know those spring and summer rains are quickly on their way, cleaning your gutters is a great idea, too! To ensure there are no blockages that can cause significant damage to your home and property, gutting your gutters is a great chore.

How do I get all these checked off my Honey-Do list?

Looking at this list probably is giving you the spring blues. We know the list is extensive, time-consuming, and filled with challenging, hot, and sweaty work. Not exactly how you plan to spend the beauty of spring, right?

Premier Lawn Care knows this checklist backward and forwards – and then some! Our reputation is highlighted by our commitment to the best quality for every project we undertake. Our superb seasonal cleanup service will save you time, money, and your back.

Whether your spring cleaning needs doing or continuing lawn maintenance, irrigation, pest control, gutter cleaning, the assurance for thorough and friendly service in the Gainesville, Alachua, and High Springs areas is only gotten through the team of experts at Premier.

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