Gutter CleaningCleaning your Gutter

Since we live in the heart of the Sunshine State, there seems to be a common misconception that our gutters don’t necessarily require the full cleaning that other regions of the country might. “Misconception” is the operative word here as it’s also well known that throughout the summer and fall, Florida is prone to a fierce storm for at least a small portion of every day. Not to mention that hurricane season kicks off in earnest on June 1.

You might be thinking, “Ok, but my gutters can’t get THAT backed up, can they?” The short answer is yes. And to add to that, they can become extremely clogged. Cluttered gutters can cause costly amounts of damage to your entire home and yard – yes, the whole shebang.

What kind of damage can cluttered gutters cause?

You may be thinking that any damage caused to your home as a result of clogged gutters would likely be just to the gutter system itself: you would be mistaken. Poor drainage resulting from gutters that are backed up with loads of debris can cause issues throughout your entire property – even down to the very foundation of your home.

Damage to the roof

With the massive amount of rainwater that we accumulate here in Florida, when your gutters cannot release that liquid gold through a proper channel of exit, it backs up and accumulates in the gutter itself. With nowhere to go, it has the potential to make its exit onto the roof of your home, seeping into the very place your gutter system is designed to protect.

When excess water is allowed to make its way into your roof, it then can be soaked up by the very roof and walls meant to keep the elements out. This can result in your roof’s structure weakening; a roof replacement is not an easy – or cheap – fix. This is not even including the walls of the home and the damage that can occur there as well.

Damage to the home’s foundation

Your entire home is built on the strength and integrity of its foundation. Meant to support its entirety, your foundation must remain protected and in good shape at all times. This may become impossible with pooling water seeping in at every pore.

With enough unplanned water creating a sea of stagnation, pooling around and under your home due to improper drainage, this can cause the structural integrity of your home to start to decay, show stress through cracks, and even develop dangerous molds and other gross things you don’t want your family exposed to. As costly as a roof may be to replace, think of the ramifications of a foundation that is crumbling and weak. Even worse – what if BOTH were damaged?

Damage to the yard

misconception for gutters

You’ve turned your outdoor living space into your breath of fresh air, a place to achieve peace and serenity, a place to entertain your family and friends with endless hours of fun. Congested gutters can result in this oasis becoming a marshy mess, potentially ruining all your hard work to maintain the perfect slice of green heaven.

You know what they say about too much of a good thing: while your lawn and garden do need that glorious Florida rain to thrive in the Florida heat, too much can stifle healthy growth and turn your soil to straight mud. When your gutters aren’t properly serviced, this will result in an overflow of water that your grounds aren’t prepared for.

Damage to the gutter system itself

If not properly maintained, the entire system the effective drainage is built around can fail, exacerbating all of the other issues to your property named here. Especially at first clogging, the backed-up water and debris will first attack the very system designed to hold it.

The gutter system’s fascia and brackets could fail as a result of too much weight, causing the whole system to come crashing down. While not as costly as a roof to repair or replace, it certainly is an unnecessary expense when regular maintenance can save you loads of time and money in the long run.

Can clogged gutters cause any other issues?

We work hard in our state to make sure our outdoor spaces are as free as possible from unwanted intruders, such as pests. Many pests love debris and marshy areas to create their new digs to hang out with their expanding families.

Mosquitos are the true bane to our existence here and carry deadly diseases. A failed gutter system is the perfect stomping ground for pests like mosquitos and others like mice, birds, and nasty insects. Keeping your gutters clear and clean makes sure these critters know just how unwelcome they are in your home.

Why should I hire a professional to declutter my gutter?

For many people, the sheer mention of getting up on a ladder several times a year to clean up gross debris out of their gutter system will send them running for the hills. Making sure you have the proper equipment can also be a tricky and costly endeavor – not to mention all the safety issues involved.

Most folks realize that spring and fall are the best times to clean your gutters – what they may not know is that these are not the ONLY times, especially here in Florida, to declutter your gutter. Depending on trees around your home, how often it rains, and several other factors, cleaning out your gutters may need to take place anywhere from 3 – 6 times a year.

Professionals at gutter cleaning have the right tools for the trade and have been trained on how to do so most safely and efficiently possible. Premier Lawn Care has established itself as leaders in gutter cleaning, lawn maintenance, irrigation, pest control industries, and several others. Our commitment to excellence will grant you peace of mind of the job done right the first time, every time. We look forward to providing a free estimate to help you with your gutter spring cleaning today!