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As we are making our way outside to enjoy the gorgeous Florida spring and all the splendor it has to offer, we can’t help but notice that our lawns don’t seem as perky as we might be about this lovely weather we are having.

This is likely due to the lack of liquid sunshine in our neck of the woods this time of year. Our lawns need so much of the same stuff we do – that vitamin D, nourishing noms, and solid, deep hydration.

Here is where we introduce the star of this show: irrigation systems!

Keep on Schedule – Without Having to Stay on Top of One

Who do you know that has time to set and keep to the perfect, balanced schedule to provide water to their lawn, or even flowerbeds and other various landscaping? We understand that your time carries a great deal of value in and of itself, meant to be spent enjoying life after fulfilling your responsibilities.

Irrigation systems are designed to provide the clear, clean water that your landscape needs at just the right times. Depending on the time of year, your lawn could need its water at different intervals. The variables are many that determine when your lawn gets fed its H2O, including time of day, how often during a week, and what kind of plants and grass you are watering.

Irrigation systems provide the scheduled water that you and your pros determine is perfect for your lawn. The best part is? You don’t even have to think about it. The system does its thing while you do yours.

Water Conversation Hero!

Have you heard of runoff? When too much water gathers on the surface of your yard, puddles begin to form. Or, depending on the slope of your grounds, the street ends up getting watered on your dime. Either way, runoff happens when your landscape isn’t being watered correctly.

Faulty watering of your lawn and flowerbeds may result from uneducated watering, which is common, as not everyone is well-skilled in the artistry of H2O. A flawed irrigation system set up or a malfunctioning one could also be a culprit.

The great news is a system that is well cared for, installed correctly, and functioning properly will save the world! Okay, maybe not irrigation alone, but it will definitely give you a brownie point for being a great water conservationist. Depending on the type of system you’re using, your conservation efforts can save up to 50% of the water you would use without an irrigation system!

Not All Systems Are Created The Same

So we’ve talked a bit about what irrigation systems do – but what about the systems themselves? Aren’t they just kinda interchangeable? The question is valid but met with a resounding NO. While there aren’t any terrible types of irrigation systems, what they do for various types of yards is very different.

Traditional sprinklers are great depending on the kind of landscape being watered, just like any of the different types. There is a risk of overwatering or wasted water with these systems as they tend to cut a larger swath and hydrate a large area. However, it’s harder to get the water deeper to the roots as a result.

Drip systems are fast becoming a favorite green industry standard – and it’s easy to see why. They conserve the most water by only allowing a concentrated and small amount of water directly into the soil, where it can flow deep to meet the root system. Drip systems don’t necessarily work for all forms of landscaping, though.

Maintenance Saves the Day

While overall, you can depend on your irrigation system to deliver the right amount of water at precisely the right time throughout the years, no system works infinitely without regular maintenance. Your irrigation system needs regular checkups to make sure it’s running at tip-top shape.

There are several integral parts to a system that needs to be routinely checked in on and sometimes replaced. Hoses and piping need to hold their integrity to maintain how much water is getting to where it needs to be. These are also the most common pieces needing replacement. It’s also crucial that the pumps and drainage get checked out.

Even with the best maintenance on earth, stuff happens, and things break. When irrigation systems fail and need replacement, it can be a pretty delicate matter and must be handled as such.

You Have Questions. The Pros Have Answers.

Everything we’ve addressed here has been small glimpses into the life of an irrigation system and its essential functionality in the scope of your landscaping. With so many awesome DIY videos and tutorials available today, it’s tempting, we’re sure, to roll up your sleeves, pull up YouTube and the Home Depot site, and get to work. Please, PLEASE reconsider.

While we are sure you are pretty handy and capable of figuring out all manner of cool DIY projects, ones like this are strongly recommended to leave to the pros. There are codes to consider, and in some places, even laws.

Irrigation systems take an incredible amount of evaluation of your property to determine what type to use, where to set it up, how often it should run, and a plethora of other minute details. Experts in the industry understand repair as well, so should anything go sideways, they are there to get your system back up and running, too.

Premier Lawn Care was established on the foundation of clear communication with you about revitalizing your existing irrigation system or even how a new system can work for you. Our eye for every detail ensures that your project will be done right with no need for worry on your end. As a full-service green company, we provide more than irrigation solutions: we excel in lawn maintenance, lawn care treatments, mulching, and so much more for our amazing communities of Gainesville, Alachua, Newberry, and High Springs, FL.

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